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So you want a bigger dick, eh? Well bub, you're not alone. If every man on Earth was granted one wish there would be 3 billion pornstar-sized dicks flopping about out there and we still wouldn't have world peace. But is a bigger dick even possible? All the "sensible" websites tell us that the question is moot. Size doesn't matter and that we should make do with what we've got.

But according to the spam that pours endlessly into our inboxes, a bigger cock does matter and what's more... we can have one for as little as 40 bucks! And yet, if it were true, there would be no need for dick enlargement spam. We would have long since paid our forty bucks and we'd all be sporting dicks the size of our forearms. When you think about it, the very existence of spam refutes the claims that spam makes. Spam exists to sell you, not to inform you. Call it one-eyed snake oil.

But even so, we've all heard that some techniques do work; jelqing, vacuum pumps, dick stretchers, pills, surgery etc. We want to believe a bigger dick is possible, yet we're awash in so much misinformation it's impossible to discern where the truth lies. That's where this website comes in. We're here to separate the hype from the hope.

So, Is A Bigger Dick Possible?

With a carload of caveats and cautions, the answer to this question is a guarded and very qualified "yes". There are a number of methods that are believed to be effective but the success of any particular approach will depend on what goals you set yourself. If you're starting with a cocktail weenie you can pretty much kiss good bye to any hope of swinging a salami. But dicks tend to even out in size when erect, and a difference of an inch will take you from the bottom quartile to the top. That's no small achievement.

Which Method Is Best?

That depends on your needs. Do you want a bigger dick now, or is two years from now okay? Do the gains need to be permanent or will short term suffice? There is no one method that will give you everything you want, when you want, and it goes without saying that there is no free lunch. All gains come at a cost. Sometimes this cost is financial. More often the trade-off is the expense of time, effort and occasionally, your health. So exercise care if you decide to try any of the methods detailed here to enlarge your cock.

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