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Jelqing, also known as natural penis enlargement, is a form of repetitive penile massage. The word is reportedly derived from the phrase jalgh zadan, which is Persian slang for masturbation. Purportedly, it is a technique that has been passed down through the generations from father to son although how the Arab Ward Cleaver broached the issue with Beaver is perhaps best left to the imagination. Now, this might seems at odds with our idea of what would be acceptable in Islam, but the Koran is actually strangely silent on the issue of penis enlargement. And Arab culture in general has a more tolerant - and frankly, healthy - attitude towards the penis than our Judeo-Christian culture. And let's not forget that lusty Persian culture of yore. Maybe some traditions die harder than others.

Jelqing involves a series of exercises designed to force blood into the penis. Basically, it goes like this:

  1. The penis is warmed through with the application of hot cloths.
  2. The penis is stretched for a few minutes.
  3. Lotion (or warm olive oil, if you're a traditionalist) is applied to the hand and penis.
  4. When the penis is tumescent (but not hard) the penis is squeezed at the base betwixt the thumb and forefinger and moved distally along the shaft forcing blood into the erectile chambers.
  5. Repeat step 4 for fifteen minutes.

That's it basically and there's plenty of free introductory jelq lessons on the web if you want more detail. Do it every day and you'll get a bigger dick. At least that's the theory. There are an astonishing number of different exercise programs offered for money that demonstrate additional exercises and methods as well as optimal schedules, safety tips, etc.

How Does Jelqing Work?

The theory behind jelqing is that blood is forced into the penile tissue and the resulting pressure forces them to expand beyond their normal limits. When this happens, it stimulates the production of proteins that serve to build-up the tissue. In a way, this would explain why vacuum pumping doesn't build tissue. For the growth factor chemicals to work they need to be circulated. When the penis is erect there is very little circulation of blood. Because jelqing is performed when the penis is merely tumescent, there should be an increased blood flow to the tissues affected. Is this theory valid? Who knows. Science has yet to seriously explore how jelqing affects the biomechanics of tissue growth.

So, does it work? Unfortunately, science has been deplorably remiss in conducting unbiased studies into the effectiveness of jelqing. The consensus is, however, that there is something going on. Much like extenders, there is no overnight success, and the road to gains takes time.

Is Jelqing Safe?

It very much depends on how it's done. If jelqing works by increasing pressure on the internal tissues of the penis, then it stands to reason that too much pressure is going to do damage. Blood vessels can burst, tissues can rupture, nerves can detach. In extreme cases, scar tissue can form that will actually shorten the penis. The same caveats that apply to vacuum pumping apply here. Again, given the low costs involved, an investment in an established program with support is not a bad idea.

What Is The Downside Of Jelqing?

Apart from the potential for serious injury through over-doing it, the major drawback to jelqing is the hassle of it. You have to put on lotion and start pulling on your dick without giving yourself an erection. That's already too tall an order for me. Much like penis traction, you have to commit yourself to a daily effort over a long period of time to see real results.

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