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Penis Lengthening Surgery

You might think the penis that you see hanging between your legs is all you have, but you'll be delighted to know that you have another inch or two extending beneath your skin. If you probe with your fingers you can actually follow it down to where it roots itself on the pubic arch located just behind the scrotum. Your penis is rooted lower than from where it emerges. That's why when you have an erection it sticks up. When flaccid it forms an arch, emerging from your body at the high point of the arch and then dangling down with the weight of gravity. What allows it to maintain this arch are suspensory ligaments that attach to the pubic bone. A few years ago, two surgeons named Dr. Long and Dr. Stubbs (I kid you not), discovered that when these suspensory ligaments were severed the penis would fall forward out of the body. Thus was born the procedure that would make these two doctors and many others since very wealthy.

Does Penis Lengthening Surgery Work?

That depends on what you're looking for. Penile lengthening surgery basically turns the recipient from a grower into a show-er. The flaccid length of your penis can be extended up to two inches but if you want to do something more with your dick than swing it around the locker room to the envy of your friends, it's not ideal, as the procedure adds much less length to one's erect length, half-an-inch being the most frequently reported gain. But half an inch is better than nothing, isn't it? Read on.

What's The Downside Of Penis Lengthening Surgery?

Besides the risks inherent in any surgery, with penile lengthening the primary concern is, get this... penile shortening. Yep, that's right. After throwing down a wad of g-bills and having your groin area sliced open, there is a not insignificant chance that your willy will actually retreat into your body. This happens because when tissue is severed it wants to repair itself. Scar tissue forms and pulls the severed tissues together. To avert this, some surgeons place a permanent spacer between the penis and the pubis to prevent re-attachment. Others recommend the recipient wear a penis traction device for several months after the operation. In fact, it has been suggested that the meager recorded gains in erect length may actually be a function of the stretcher itself rather than the surgical procedure.

There's also a chance that your newly released dick will emerge lower down your abdomen, giving the appearance that it's coming out of your nutsack. This doesn't happen in every case, of course, and it's hardly deleterious to your health, but it does look weird.

The other problem associated with penis lengthening surgery is that the penis is less anchored to the body. It's not completely unmoored but it's less stable and inclined to pivot weirdly when erect. This can be a positive or negative depending on what kind of hi-jinks you're getting up to in the bedroom, but it is a permanent feature of this surgery, so be aware of it. Be aware also that your untethered dick will no longer stick up when erect. Horizontal is the best you're going to do. Again, not a big deal, and it may even be handy in certain positions. But it is a permanent change.

You'll also be left with a sizeable scar at the root of your dick. For the most part this will be hidden by pubic hair, but if you're one of those guys that likes to go clean shaven it will be visible. There's also the problem that as your dick falls forward it will pull the surrounding skin with it. You'll end up with pubic hair half-way up your dick. This can be solved by wearing a dick stretcher for several months or by advancing the skin by means of VY plasty (yet more cutting and sewing).

How Much Does Penis Lengthening Surgery Cost?

In any of the advanced industrial economies you're looking at a tab of between US$2,500 and US$5,000. You can get it done for half that in developing countries but I guess the question is "do you want to?" Rule of thumb: Don't spend more on your wedding ring than your wedding tackle.

Is Penis Lengthening Worth It?

Your call, bub. If you've staked your acting career on the nude scene you're scheduled to shoot next fall, or if you're hoping to earn the admiration of your peers when you join them in the sauna at the company retreat, then you alone can calculate the cost-benefit. But if you're looking to touch places inside her that only the big boys have reached, forget it. In fact, in terms of surgery, there is nothing available that will significantly lengthen your erect dick. Sorry.

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